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Tennis Ball Court Background

Super Champs: Racket Rampage

Published by Joyride Games

Meet a dynamic cast of Racket Rampage heroes - each with a unique playing style and mystical, cutting-edge equipment. In between their rigorous training at the Super Champs Academy, they'll be put to the test in boundary-pushing venues. Welcome to tennis like you've never seen it before.

Super Champs Character
Super Champs Character

Our Contributions

We spent nearly 1.5 years on Joyride Super Champs: Racket Rampage, undertaking a wide range of tasks, from feature implementation to UI overhauls, system updates, and continuous collaboration with the Joyride Team to ensure project synchronization and bug resolution. This comprehensive work aimed to streamline and enhance the game while maintaining a clear distinction between Joyride SDK and game-specific code.

Ryan Clark at Joyride Games

"I am genuinely impressed with Hashbang's team and their contributions to our game development. Their proficiency in Unity has positively impacted the visual appeal and user experience of our games. The collaborative approach, regular communication, and dedication to our vision have made them a valuable partner in our game development journey. I highly recommend Hashbang to anyone seeking top-tier Unity game services."

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