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Nova Blitz Game Play

Nova Blitz

Published by Dragon Foundry

Nova Blitz is a real-time, digital, card game set in a future universe ruled by five Aspects of energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. As a Nova, you channel that energy to summon units, use powers, and knock out your opponent.

Summon units, play powers, and duel in real time. Turns are simultaneous, with both players playing at once, and in combat, hidden attack and block orders let you bluff and counter-bluff your opponent.

Nova Blitz Splash Screen
Nova Blitz Concept Art

Our Contributions

Our partnership with Dragon Foundry involved work on the digital card game, Nova Blitz. We played a key role in enhancing the product by providing expertise in UI design, seamlessly integrating PlayFab, and implementing in-app purchases.

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