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Founder & CEO

Marco is an entrepreneur and innovator at heart. He loves to tinker with new code and concepts. He is a full stack Developer with over 20 years of experience. The last 9 years have been dedicated to game development using Unity3D and LiveOps. He has a profound understanding of what is needed to build and run a successful game. He has built a range of systems, including large enterprise back-ends, AAA games and applications, and small prototype Indie games.


Strider Agostinelli


Strider is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 20 years experience working with a wide array of companies including Netflix, Activision, Electronic Arts, Disney, Toyota, and Blackberry.  His experience for the past 12 years has been focused on client-side game development. As the Chief Technical Officer, he works collaboratively across multiple departments to identify and mitigate risks, make and maintain development schedules, and ensure success across the board. When he's not busy working on the next big hit, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, creating and playing pen and paper games, and modding Minecraft.



Chief of Staff and Producer

Janet's journey with Hashbang began as Chief of Staff, serving as the right hand to the CEO and COO. Throughout her time at the company, she embraced diverse responsibilities and projects, eventually uncovering her true passion for game production. She now co-leads engineering and content creation teams for both in-house projects and collaborations with external development partners. Her notable achievements include playing a pivotal role in the successful launch of Blockchain Brawlers and her current involvement in the beta testing phase of Atomic Titans: Light Violence. Janet's passions outside of the studio are gaming, anime, arts and crafts, dance, cosplay, photography, travel, and outdoor activities.



Technical Director

Will has always been a builder. At Hashbang, he does what he loves to do everyday; build and create games! Will has been a Game Developer and Software Engineer for the past 12 years. He has released multiple games across mobile, console, and cloud platforms. His experience also extends into education. He was an adjunct professor at University of California, Riverside. There, he taught Game Design and Development. He also taught C# programming at Crafton Hills Community College. Will loves it here in Seattle, as there are vast forests and persistent rainy weather.



Project Lead and
Game Developer III

Jonathan’s responsibility here at Hashbang is to engineer creative solutions with his team; holding quality in the highest regard. His skillset centers around creating games in Unity3D and leveraging various back-end services. He spends every day striving to improve the skills of himself and his fellow developers through technical endeavors. He believes that collaboration and iteration is the key to a truly outstanding product. Outside the studio, he enjoys working on cars and building engines.


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